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Absolutely Winnie! 3-in1

Absolutely Winnie! 3-in1

Based on 281 reviews.
4.0/ 5.0 - 281 reviews


Publisher: Oxford University Press

Number Of Pages: 288

publication Date:

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0192734636

ISBN-13: 9780192734631

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Absolutely Winnie! 3-in1 - Winnie the Witch is ready for anything! Here's just a taster of the twelve stories in this book: in 'Mini Winnie' you'll find her shrinking herself down to the size of a teaspoon; in 'Winnie Says Cheese' she gets herself ready for the camera; in 'Itchy Witchy' she has to deal with an outbreak of fleas; and in 'Winnie's Book Day' she stages a superhero rescue! As well as the twelve stories, there are bonus pages of jokes at the end of the book - what could be more absolutely entertaining than Winnie? Twelve crazily funny stories featuring everyone's favourite witch, her big black cat, Wilbur, and a zany supporting cast of new characters. Korky Paul's exuberant black line illustrations complement the humour, slapstick, and moments of real drama that run through each story. Pure magic!