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Winnie and Wilbur at the Seaside

Winnie and Wilbur at the Seaside

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Number Of Pages: 32

publication Date:

Language: English

ISBN-10: 019274822X

ISBN-13: 9780192748225

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Category : Picture Books

Winnie and Wilbur at the Seaside - Zoom! Winnie and Wilbur are off to the seaside. Winnie is having a whale of a time but Wilbur hates getting wet. He'd much rather go home. So when Winnie's broomstick is swept out to sea, will they end up stranded on the beach? It's an action-packed Winnie and Wilbur adventure! Korky Paul's intricate artwork is full of madcap humour and crazy details to pore over. The spellbinding new look of this bestselling series celebrates the wonderful relationship that exists between Winnie the Witch and her big black cat, Wilbur. Since Winnie and Wilbur first appeared in 1987 they have been delighting children and adults in homes and schools all over the world and more than 7 million books have been sold. Winnie and Wilbur will be hitting TV screens worldwide in 2017, airing in the UK on Milkshake, Channel 5's popular pre-school slot. A Winnie and Wilbur stage show is set to run in Birmingham in 2017 followed by a national UK tour. A new look for the website, too!